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Meet Becca

Becca is a startup founder looking for the next round of funding.

She understands that capturing the attention of potential investors is a tough battle.
How does she win?
Shall I do an ukulele performance of my pitch?
Investors get hundreds of messages every day...

Becca wants to grab the investors' attention

She knows that cold messages won't work. She needs warm introductions to investors from the people they already trust.
Where do investors and founders hang out?
Who can introduce me to VCs?
How to pitch my product online?

Current solutions do not work for Becca

I don't like cold
After the pandemic people switched to online
My social bubble is limited

And then Becca discovers Intch!

Intch connects me directly to the investors and other founders selected by AI personally for me. I can easily pitch my startup online or get warm introductions.

Here’s how Intch works:

Intch AI will send you a selection of requests that match you every day.

Reply to their requests or share
with the people from you network who might be interested.

Get selection of investors and founders


Create a pitch

Use our unique template to pitch your idea, describe your product, and indicate what kind of investments you are looking for.

You can even add a video!

Intch AI will show your pitch to founders and VCs

Forget the old-school cold messages.
People will either get in touch with youthemselves or recommend you to someone from their network.

Grab the help of the community

Join Micro Communities for founders on Intch.
This is a place for founders to meet, chat, and help each other. Micro Communities have global and geographically-specific options.

No more cold messages.
Let AI do the work for you!

Okay. You got us—we made Becca up. But not completely—there’s a little Becca in all of us. For now, see what the real people are saying about Intch:

Wait… How is Becca doing?

I was just looking for a place to ask founders for recommendations on my pitch when I came across the Intch app. I am obsessed with request template and cool UX.

Got an introduction with the fund that was just looking for Web3 projects like mine.

I was glad to dive into the warm community of founders and get help from those who have already walked this path.
Kale, co-founder @Cycoin
On Intch I met Alex, who had just completed the startup acceleration program and was looking for investment projects.

Thanks to his recommendation, I applied for the program and eventually received the investment I needed to start my project.

Overall, I found Intch to be a valuable resource for networking and connecting with potential investors, co-founders, and partners for my project.
James, founder @Boop
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