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get personal introductions to your |

Build trust with your target audience by networking and exchanging favours and get warm introductions to decision makers
Get in direct touch with decision makers and increase your sales funnel
Sales/Biz Dev Managers
Find early adopters and first clients for a startup
Startup Founders
Get new clients and warm recommendations

Meet Zack

Zack is developing a business that really makes a difference.
He knows his product is great, but his attempts to tell the world about it are perceived as spam.
No one even opened my messages... Again.
I need to find another way

Zack wants to find a new way to attract clients

Get warm recommendations instead of sending cold messages
Talk to target audiences, not all people on Earth
Grow professional network to reach out to more people

Current solutions don't work for Zack

They are already my clients
97% are not even opened
After the pandemic people switched to online
Cold messaging is annoying
and destroys my reputation

And then Zack discovers Intch!

Intch helped me find new clients via AI matching with the target audience, and these clients recommended me to their friends

Here’s how Intch works:

A request is a unique template on Intch that helps you easily create a short pitch of your offer. You can even add a video!

Offer a free service to get more replies and build trust. Just like this

Create a request


Intch AI will show your request
to the relevant experts people

Forget the old-school cold messages. People will either get in touch with you themselves or recommend you to someone from their network.

Get in direct touch
with the 110k+ niche experts

Find your perfect audience in niche communities united by location and/or professional industry.

See how 110k+ Intch users win clients and join

No more cold messages.
Let Intch AI do the work for you.

Okay. You got us—we made Zack up. But not completely—there’s a little Zack in all of us. For now, see what the real people are saying about Intch:

Wait… How is Zack doing?

I have been in sales for many years and I know how difficult it is to find a new way to attract customers. Intch pleasantly surprised me with the number of people from different industries. But the most important thing is that I didn’t have to look for my clients among them, since the AI ​​tagged me with them directly.

It turned out that people already had requests for my product and all I had to do was write to them and arrange a call.
Just a couple of clicks and I found my new loyal customers. Thanks!
Jack, Sales manager @Pumble
If you have ever searched for clients through cold messages on Linkedin, then you will understand me well... I hate it!

Intch showed me a new way for selling through AI networking. At the beginning, I was shown a short and informative guide on how to attract customers. I did everything according to the recommendation and attract new 6 clients in one week. Without a single cold message!
Jack, UX designer @freelance
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