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Meet Alex

Alex is looking for a new job, but job boards offer not enough relevant positions, and screening interviews with recruiters are exhausting.
70% of jobs never make it to the job boards...
Wait, what?!
They are landed
through networking...

Alex wants to find a job through networking

That is
  • be the first to learn about new openings from company insiders;
  • get referred to top managers by the people they trust.
But how to find these people?
How do I access hidden job opportunities?
Where do I find people that
can refer me?
How to get in direct touch with top managers?

Current solutions do not work for Alex

Lots of noise and
irrelevant content
I’m sick of cold messaging and show-off posting
Who are all these people in my connections anyway?
Display just 30% of posiitions
My social bubble is limited
Connect with recruiters, not managers

And then Alex discovers Intch!

Intch AI matches me directly with top managers, avoiding recruiters, and makes it easy to get warm introductions to companies that suit me.

Here’s how Intch works:

Create a request

A request is a unique template on Intch that helps you easily create a short pitch of your skills. Unlike a formal CV, it is concise and engaging—you can even add a video!

Intch AI will show your request
to the people who need your expertise

Forget the old-school cold messages.
People will either get in touch with you themselves or recommend you to someone from their network.

Get in direct touch
with 110k+ employers

Skip the recruiter—set up a call directly with the person you'll be working with.
If there is mutual interest, discuss the terms and you're all set to go!

No more cold messages.
Let AI find the dream job for you!

Okay. You got us—we made Alex up. But not completely—there’s a little Alex in all of us. For now, see what the real people are saying about Intch:

Wait… How is Alex doing?

I posted an ad for a full-stack developer on Intch and got a reply from a product manager. I didn’t post the PM position, but after talking to her I realised that we actually do need one! A few replies later I’ve also found a developer. They became the core of my team and in 3 months we had a working MVP.

Intch gave us more than we expected—keep your mind open, you never know who might reply to your request!
Eldar, Founder @Chosy
I connected with Mike on Intch—he wasn't hiring, but we've had common interests so we got to talking.
Mike referred me to his ex-colleague who was looking for a sales representative. This added weight to my resume and I got the job.

I would've probably never find it in any other way, because the position has just been opened and wasn't even published anywhere!
Emma, sales manager @Unilever
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