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Let AI instantly match you with executives looking for side-projects
Post the task you need to solve instead of opening a position.
Get AI matches with relevant experts in seconds.
No hiring
Save time and money on working with a recruiter—get direct access to top talent.
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Pay the rate for the job that's actually done, not a salary for a role.
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Meet Zack

Zack is a manager at a startup facing all kinds of professional challenges every day.

He knows that the best way to solve business tasks is to work with highly skilled experts.
How do I find the best people to grow my business?
Hiring is so long and expensive!

Zack wants to work with the best talent—and now he can!

Great news—after the pandemic many top-notch experts that Zack could only dream of working with switched to working from home and became available for part time projects
How does Zack get in touch with these experts?

And then Zack discovers Intch!

Intch App helps me сollaborate with top global experts selected by AI and recommended by my trusted network personally for me

Here’s how Intch works:

A request is a unique template on Intch that helps you easily create a brief description of your business task instead of describing a full position.It is simple, concise, and engaging—you can even add a video!

Create a request


Intch AI will show your request
to the relevant experts

Forget the old-school cold messages. People will either get in touch with you themselves or recommend you to someone from their network.

Set up a call directly with the expert, discuss the terms, and you're all set to go!

Get a daily personalised selection of free offers from global experts

Experts on Intch are offering trial services for free to establish trust and warm relationship. AI will select offers based on your business goals—all you need to do is reply!

Get in direct touch with 110k+
top-level experts

Skip the recruiter—set up a call directly with the person you'll be working with. If there is mutual interest, discuss the terms and you're all set to go!

Collaborate part-time with experts from companies like

Access the marketplace of FREE trial services
from 110k+ professionals

Get the world's best brains to easily and cost-effectively solve your business tasks

Okay. You got us—we made Zack up. But not completely—there’s a little Zack in all of us. For now, see what the real people are saying about Intch:

Wait… How is Zack doing?

I posted an ad for a full-stack developer on Intch and got a reply from a product manager. I didn’t post the PM position, but after talking to her I realised that we actually do need one! A few replies later I’ve also found a developer. They became the core of my team and in 3 months we had a working MVP.

Intch gave us more than we expected—keep your mind open, you never know who might reply to your request!
Eldar, Founder @Chosy
I have different skills that are difficult to pack into one resume, so it's hard for me to pitch myself in traditional job boards. On Intch, I can make several requests that highlight different aspects of my expertise, and Intch will show each of them to relevant people. It is also important for me that in the app I can choose projects and people that interest me.
Marcus, CTO @Grid
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