Hire Sales Reps for 25-30% of their salary

With a part-time sales force, you can scale and retain only high-performing professionals
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Professionals from companies like

Leverage their network
The best sales reps already have connections among your target customers
Hire 3 sales reps for the cost of 1 to cover different time zones and regions
70% cheaper
If you don't have enough tasks for a full-time sales rep, save your money

Here’s how Intch works:


Intch is a place where the best part-timers look for projects

It's NOT a freelance website with low-quality sales reps and business developers seeking projects. Top professionals are looking for mid to long-term contracts, working 4-20 hours per week.

Post your job, and Intch will show it to relevant candidates

Forget the old-school cold messages. People will either get in touch with you themselves or recommend you to someone from their network.

Set up a call directly with the expert, discuss the terms, and you're all set to go!

Check their references and background

Intch collects verified reviews from previous projects, people they have worked with, and traditional CVs

Assign test tasks

Intch professionals are very open to test tasks, helping you validate new approaches to work with them
Eldar, Founder @Chosy
I posted a part-time job for a B2B SaaS Business Developer on Intch and received a few replies. Some of them were from people with backgrounds in other startups. Shortly after, we hired two for a project, and they became part of the core of my team.

Intch gave us more than we expected. I got such high-level professionals that I wouldn't have been able to afford them full-time. Keep your mind open; you never know who might reply to your job post!


Marcus, CTO @Grid
As a B2B startup, your sales team is the core. The problem is that salespeople mostly know how to sell themselves, not your product.

That's why hiring part-timers was a great solution for us, allowing us to scale as needed.
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