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Meet Alex

Alex, like many of us, switched to remote work during the pandemic.
And suddenly understood that now it was possible to choose where, how much and whom to work with.
Boss: Hey dude, how about going back to office?
No way

Alex wants to find remote part-time projects

Alex (just as over half of working Americans) is looking for part-time projects in addition to his main job—or maybe even to replace it.
But he doesn’t know where to start.
I know my expertise is valuable — but how do I sell it?
Where do I find new work projects?
How do I make people sure they can trust me?

Current solutions do not work for Alex

I need projects, not jobs
I’m sick of cold messaging and show-off posting
Who are all these people in my connections anyway?
I’m not looking for full-time or office work
Low trust, low checks, low quality

Thank god Alex has friends that have friends that have other friends

Hey Alex,
I know a guy that needs someone just like you for his new project.
Why don’t you make a request on Intch and I’ll introduce you!
Sounds great!
But wait... What is Intch?

Intch helps find remote projects through warm introductions and networking.
Here’s how:

Post pitches instead of CV’s

Start with creating a networking request describing your skills and aspirations.
No awkward self-selling: AI writes your bio for you, templates help to be brief and specific, brave ones can record a fun video!

Get instantly connected with the right people

Forget the exhausting search through profiles and endless cold messages—Intch algorithms select the best matches for you from a community of 100k+ professionals from 130+ countries.

Earn trust with warm introductions

Get warm referrals as a trusted professional through the easy-to-use Intch framework. Grow your professional network by introducing others to the site yourself.
Check out some current requests—are any of your friends looking for such people?
Help your friends by making an intro.

Start networking right now

You can also create your own request and see the new exciting projects coming!

Okay. You got us—we made Alex up. But not completely—there’s a little Alex in all of us. For now, see what the real people are saying about Intch:

Wait… How is Alex doing?

Jaine Mile
I know that information on the Internet can be overstate. When I choose a project or a company I plan to work with, it is important for me to get recommendations from people I trust. And I’m completely delighted with the useful recommendation system that Intch has.
Marcus Helmon
I have different skills that are difficult to pack into one resume, so it's hard for me to pitch myself in traditional job boards. On Intch, I can make several requests that highlight different aspects of my expertise, and Intch will show each of them to relevant people. It is also important for me that in the app I can choose projects and people that interest me.
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